2015 Kirke Mechem Commission

Kirke Mechem
Composer Kirke Mechem

The Stockton Chorale is rededicating itself to supporting the creation of new choral music.  For our first commission in this effort, we have asked renowned choral composer Kirke Mechem to produce a new work.  We will be giving the world premiere of the piece in May 2015 as part of our “Sea to Shining Sea” concert.

Donations helped offset Mr. Mechem’s fee, and the remaining amount is being held in the Chorale’s new SCORE fund (Stockton Chorale Original Repertoire), which will be used as seed for future commissions.

Donors to the Commission

The following individuals donated to support our Kirke Mechem commission.  Donors above $25 received special recognitions of their generosity.


Recognition: Your name listed in the program & website

Ronald Allison M.D., J.D.
Vincent & Renata Bricka
Joe & Denise Chelli
Gay Goaslind
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Henning
Helen E. Holt
June Hong
Claire Imeson
Jane Kenworthy
Diane & William Kramer
Carole Main
Alice S. Martin
John L. & Beverly F. McCarthy
Hank & Marilyn Metzler
Melinda Meyer Niemi
Bette Outlaw
Wende Obata
Dora & Joseph Rangel
Catherine & Michael Ratto
Larry Ruhstaller
Joan Sherwin
Judith A. Simon
Patricia Vannucci
Andee Zetterbaum


Recognition: The above, plus: your name listed on the title page of the score

Clinton & Dilys Alexson
Gary & Carol Baughman
Maryanne Bergstrom
Janet Bonner
Michael D. Foster, DDS
Gesine Gerhard & Gregory Rohlf
Marilyn Hulsoor
The Kenney Family
Irene Muster
Andy & Susan Oliveira
Barbara Sarkany-Gore
Sherman & June Spencer


Recognition: The above, plus: a copy of the title page & score

Edward & Paula Almaas
Chet & Sharon Brenneise
William T. & Audrey S. Churchill
Alan & Dianne England
Heritage Oak Winery
Diana Jaffee
Orpha Jones
Jonathan K. Loo, OD
Reed & Renee Robbins
Amy L. Scriven, DDS
Scot Sinclair
Dan & Erin Thiele


Recognition: The above, plus: a framed copy of the title page autographed by the composer and the Artistic Director

Stephen Blaire
Ben & Janie Reddish


Recognition: The above, plus: you & three friends will enjoy reserved seating at the concert

Glenn & Rhonelle Pillsbury

$500 or more

Recognition: The above, plus: an invitation to a private reception attended by Kirke Mechem, the Artistic Director, and the Board of Directors

Joan & Mark Calonico
Patrick & Cecilia Hobin
Phillip Spohn & Mary Hickman
Henry & Carol Zeiter

Thank you for your support!

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